Web Site Audit / for free

A comprehensive website audit can greatly improve the performance and user engagement on your website. Our team at Business Starters will carefully analyze your website’s visitor interaction and responsiveness to provide you with actionable recommendations for improvement. 

Our goal is to help you attract more traffic, engage with your audience, and ultimately achieve your business goals. Some common changes that can be made include optimizing your website for search engines, improving site speed and navigation, and creating more engaging and relevant content for your audience. 

With our expert guidance and custom proposal, you can take the necessary steps to achieve a more successful online presence and reach your full potential.

Website Audit
Section 1: Contact Information This section will ask for basic information about your business, such as your business name, address, email, and contact information. This information is crucial for us to be able to identify your business and get in touch with you for further discussion and analysis.

Section 2: Business information This section will ask questions about your business field, target audience, main products/services, and goals for your website. This information will help us understand your business better and provide you with a proposal that aligns with your specific business needs and objectives.

Section 3: Technical information This section will ask technical questions about your website, such as who built it, when it was launched, and what technology was used. This information will give us a better understanding of the current state of your website and help us identify any potential technical issues that may be impacting your website's performance. Knowing this information is crucial for us to be able to provide a comprehensive audit and tailored proposal for your website.